BCAA is short for branched-chain amino acids, which refers to their molecular structure. Three BCAAs: leucine, isoleucine, and valine are included among the nine essential amino acids your body needs to be healthy. 

While BCAAs help create the protein our bodies need, they perform specific functions with many essential biological processes, including repairing tissues, regulating blood sugar levels and reducing fatigue while you exercise.


Why Are BCAAs and Glutamine Critical for Recovery?

BCAAs and glutamine have long been recommended for their ability to help rebuild and repair muscle tissues. But what are they?


  • Leucine helps enhance physical performance as it boosts endurance as it delays deterioration of muscle by significantly increasing production of muscle proteins.
  • Isoleucine regulates your blood sugar, gives your body’s energy levels a boost and plays a key role in transporting oxygen in your blood throughout your body, which is important for muscle repair.
  • Valine provides nitrogen that helps synthesize alanine and glutamine in your muscles.
  • Glutamine is considered a conditional amino acid that can be found naturally in the body. In fact, glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the body, used in every biological function.


Glutamine is produced in muscle tissues and transported through the blood to areas in your body that need it. It plays an important part in providing fuel to various cells in the body. However, when your body is using more glutamine than your muscles can produce, muscle wasting can occur. To achieve the best results with recovery from BCAAs and glutamine, you need to take an effective amount, but you also need to take it at the right times and the right balance. With glutamine, it is recommended to have 10 grams both before and after a workout, for this reason PRECISE NUTRITION'S BCAA+ has you covered and added 1000mg (10g) per serving to deliver you optimal results!